Post-Traumatic Growth with Amy Van Slambrook

In this episode, we talk to Amy Van Slambrook about trauma and how to not just cope and deal with it, but also harness lessons and power to help us get to know ourselves better and catapult our lives and relationships further into the next level.

Nov 8th, 2022

Episode Notes

Memorable Moments:

2:47 I think one of the hallmarks of someone who’s really of transformational wealth is that they’ve tried to separate them, they tried to exist in the mind without appreciating what’s happening in their body and trying to be in their body without appreciating what’s in their spirit and the three are so inextricably tied because they are mouthpieces for one another.

4:36 It’s great to have relationships when there’s no pressure. It’s easy. It’s when there’s pressure that we are really exposed to the reality of our lives and our relationships.

6:15 I really encourage my clients to take a pause, let them get silence in their lives because the silence is when we face the reality of things.

6:33 When we are silent, we’re faced with looking in the mirror of what we’ve created not only on the front facing image of our social media but what happens behind the scenes in the reality of who we are and the relationships that we have starting with ourselves, with God, with those we love the most in life.

8:14 I really am a such a champion for the fact that trauma, can be the biggest springboard for your life into a whole new level of success and triumph. It isn’t something we need to run away from.

8:58 I’ve been through decades of my own trauma, I can stand here and say it is the gateway to that next level in your life because it reconnects us to the truest part of ourselves.

10:20 That is how post-traumatic growth really gets to shine because suddenly you’re saying what inhibited my growth, what stunted my growth now can actually catapult it so that I can impact the world the way I’m supposed to.

12:39 If you went through trauma as a child, that’s kind of an imprint of how you are going to view all relationships happening. 

14:18 We are usually drawn to people who not only give us the comforting feelings of home, but they also remind us and tend to wound us in ways we were wounded as a child.

19:28 What matters most is absolutely going all in on what God has called me to go all in on. I just turned 50, and it has given me a new sense of liberation and freedom. I have never felt more motivated and vibrant and free because of all the healing work I’ve done.

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Amy Van Slambrook

Amy Van Slambrook is a licensed psychotherapist and certified leadership & relationship coach. She helps high-profile women and couple CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders to reclaim and elevate into the most aligned and powerful version of themselves in their business, relationship and life by doing deep healing and transformation at the soul, mind and body levels. With 30 years of professional experience in psychotherapy, coaching ,executive leadership, genetic and psychological research, functional medicine and entrepreneurship, as well as her own 35 year personal journey of trauma healing and personal development, Amy brings vast experience to her work in post-traumatic growth and holistic wellness and empowerment. She is a sought-after speaker, podcast guest and host, and published author. Amy builds her life and work on a strong foundation of faith.