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Energy Psychology

Energy psychology has gained more attention recently, as more people have found relief from their symptoms when using these modalities.

What Is Catastrophic Thinking?

When your focus is often stuck on worst-case scenarios, you may be using patterns of catastrophic thinking, a form of cognitive distortion.

Thought Disorders

Disordered thinking and its symptoms impact more than just your thoughts. It can change how you communicate, relate to others and function.

The Spoon Theory and Mental Health

Can a metaphor help you share your experience with mental and chronic illness as well as navigate daily tasks? The spoon theory says yes.

Puppy Blues

Someone with puppy blues may develop anxiety or post-puppy depression because they feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of having a new puppy.

15 Ways To Fall in Love With Yourself

When you practice self-acceptance and love yourself, you acknowledge and embrace your strengths and weaknesses and develop an appreciation for yourself.

Age Regression

Age regression occurs when a person reverts to an earlier age mentally and behaviorally. Some choose this behavior, but it may be a sign of a health condition for others.