Addressing Workplace Burnout with Becca Powers

In this episode, we talk to Becca Powers about prioritizing ourselves, making choices that serve us, and the overs and unders that lead to workplace burnout. 

May 24th, 2022

Episode Notes

Memorable Moments:

  • 4:49 I’m my biggest cheerleader. I’ve been in sales a long time. You know, “I know, I can do this.” And so that mantra, that attitude, is something that is one of my strengths. But it also became my greatest weakness because I powered through situations that were actually breaking me down. And I ignored lots of what I call signs and symptoms of burnout.
  • 7:57 Burnout really starts in what I call the unders and overs…what I found is that 88% of the 1000s surveyed are feeling the Unders while they’re working. And the top five unders would be undervalued, underappreciated, underpaid, underestimated, and under[recognized]. And when our unders are triggered, we go into overcompensation, which is why I call it the overs. And there’s five primary overs as well. We overwork, we over stress, we overwhelm, we overextend as I mentioned in my personal story, and we overcommit, those are the five primary things.
  • 9:40 When someone’s feeling undervalued, what’s really happening, the root cause of burnout is, they’re feeling unsafe, you know, the core feelings, I’m not safe, I’m not worthy, I’m not valuable. You know, something’s wrong with me, those feelings are triggered, which is why we try to hide them by overcompensating.
  • 12:14 Our choices either serve us or they sabotage us.
  • 14:41 If I was to give a tip or a tool, it would be prioritize. Give yourself permission to prioritize your wellbeing amongst all the other things you’re prioritizing.
  • 15:45 As I’ve interviewed people on burnout is the things that matter, most of them, their top priorities are often shifted down to levels 3-4-5-6. And so my answer to that is permission to prioritize your wellbeing and the things that are important, in addition to prioritizing the yeses and the work. So it’s a movement towards both.
  • 16:53 When I was first coming out of burnout, I call it one big boundary, but it was like, if saying yes to something else meant that I was saying no to myself, then I had to say no. And that was really hard because I hadn’t yet turned inward enough where my validation came from within and my confidence came from within, like all of that I was still seeking outside me.
  • 21:25 When someone’s feeling under-something and then they’re overcompensating, they’re longing for belonging.
  • 26:36 It’s not a game of perfection. It’s a game of progress.
  • 28:44 I think that the biggest misconception [about workplace burnout] is that there’s something wrong with us, there’s something wrong with the individual. What I would say in the space of workplace burnout specifically, which is where I really spend majority of my study time, we have never and I say this we as a leader, have never really been taught the skills to help someone who doesn’t feel valued or who is struggling with their self worth. There’s not a coaching model for that in the workplace. And I feel like the biggest misconception is that it’s the employees problem. It’s everyone’s problem.
  • 31:51 What matters most to me right now is my health and wellbeing. I love being a mom. I love my husband and my projects and all that stuff, and I don’t get to do any of it if I don’t take care of myself.

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Becca Powers

Becca Powers is an award-winning Fortune 500 hi-tech sales executive, best-selling author, speaker, and Founder and CEO of Powers Peak Potential. In her 20+ year career in sales, she’s worked for large companies including Cisco, Dell, and Office Depot, achieving President’s Club 7 times while leading teams of 110+ and hitting $500 million in annual revenue.   Becca intimately knows the struggles that have come as a cost to her high achievements. Through nearly losing it all, she was forced to discover a more supportive and sustainable path to success that she now teaches to others. She founded her consulting and coaching agency to help high achievers and high-performance sales teams obtain skyrocketing success without sacrifice. Through workshops, seminars and her signature coaching program, Becca works with individuals and organizations to create sustainable change by training them to thrive from the inside out without the cost of compromise.

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