Let’s Get Candid About Mental Health with Allison Walsh and Dr. Angela Phillips

In this episode, host Allison Walsh and Dr. Angela Phillips hold no reservations about all things mental health. They talk about the positives they’ve seen in the mental health space, what still needs to be done, and what Nobu and Advanced Recovery Systems can do to help. From work-life balance to setting boundaries, to being people first and employers second, this episode is a roundup of this season that you sure don’t want to miss.

Nov 29th, 2022

Episode Notes

Memorable Moments:

  • 2:15 So many of the individuals that we work with on a daily basis have also battled their own challenges throughout the course of their lives. We wear that as a badge of honor, not something that we’re shameful about, which is just a beautiful place to be able to work and come from and to be able to share our lived experiences with others.
  • 3:09 We’ve had a lot of open, candid conversations, really asking very straightforward questions of how are you feeling? What’s going on? How can I support you do you need time?
  • 3:18 Being compassionate and empathetic people first, employer second was the most important thing and allowed us to create this safe space to have open conversations.
  • 3:55 Mental health is health.
  • 4:09 Having these conversations on a more regular basis allows people to feel very safe and be able to be very open about what they’re dealing with so that we can get them what they need.
  • 4:18 Give people the space and resources they need. Or just purely checking in with each other to let them know that we care on a deeper level and that you’re not just another person that’s on the team. You’re a very special person that we care about.
  • 5:07 One thing that a lot of us struggle with is the difficulty to decipher or determine what’s appropriate for us to share and what are we really going to feel comfortable with.
  • 11:42 We don’t have cookie-cutter approaches. We were very focused on what are the needs of all the people that were taking care of in our centers or online with Telehealth.
  • 15:16 I’ve seen so much movement around big, small and medium-sized groups and companies wanting to provide their people with what they need. And they’re really looking for a solution that’s really going to meet all of those needs, which is why we love Nobu, why we love Advanced Recovery Systems, who we work with and for because we’re able to really provide a lot of that.
  • 18:26 When it comes to setting boundaries around work-life balance, it’s really about being intentional about that transition from one environment or role to another, and then being consistent with that, and really respecting that time.
  • 20:03 Boundaries are the greatest act of self-respect.

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Show Contributors
angela phillips

Angela Phillips PHD, LICSW

A licensed therapist and clinical researcher, Angela’s clinical and research experience has included suicide prevention, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies, teletherapy delivery, understanding global stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, integrated therapeutics, and treatments such as non-invasive brain stimulation for more severe psychiatric or neurological conditions. She has co-developed and led randomized and controlled trials in neuromodulation and has provided consultation and training for collaborative psychiatric and behavioral healthcare using novel treatment interventions and approaches.

allison walsh

Allison Walsh JD

An official member of Forbes Business Development Council, Allison enjoys public speaking and has personally spoken to over 100,000 people across the U.S. She has been featured in national media outlets and publications including FOX News, Huff Post Live, and programs by Lifetime, PBS and NBC. Further, her work in the eating disorders field has been highlighted in nonfiction memoirs such as Diane Keaton’s Then Again and Johanna Kandel’s Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder.