Why Boundaries and Self-Care are Impactful with Minaa B., LMSW

In this episode, Minaa B. talks to us about how to use the eight dimensions of wellness.

minaa b
July 6th, 2021

Episode Notes

In this episode, Minaa B. talks to us about how to use the eight dimensions of wellness to take care of our mind, body, and spirit. We also talk about boundaries, why self-care isn’t just taking a bubble bath, and how self-care is inextricably linked to community care.

Memorable Moments:

  • 12:16: Boundaries are about recognizing that we can’t be everything to everyone. It’s about realizing that we all live in this house and if we don’t put up some sort of fence, then we’re allowing people to just walk all over our property with no safeguard, with no rules in place. We have to identify how we want to interact. We all have our own value systems and own beliefs.
  • 18:46: We first have to do the work of really sitting with ourselves and doing the healing, because remember what happened to you is not your fault, but you are responsible for your healing.
  • 22:07: Experience is always your greatest teacher, but you have to be willing to look at the experience and say “What do want to take away from this? What do I want to change moving forward?”

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Show Contributors
minaa b

Minaa B., LMSW

Minaa B. is a writer, wellness coach, and licensed therapist based in NYC. Through speaking and workshop engagements, she teaches people how to cultivate self-care through the lens of boundaries and community care. You can learn more about Minaa by visiting www.minaab.com and following her on Instagram (@minaa_b).