Changing Your Perspective with Dr. Nikki Starr

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Nikki Starr about choosing your belief system, being mindful of the kinds of conversations you’re having, and energy makeovers.

May 10th, 2022

Episode Notes

Memorable Moments:

  • 4:27 We’re in the realm beyond health and into ultimate embodiment, like being your best ultimate self in every aspect.
  • 4:41 A lot of people are like, I know my life can be better, and I want to live my best life. And that’s really exciting. And I like to say it’s like an energy makeover. It’s like a makeover in every aspect of our lives and how we’re being and how we see the world.
  • 5:44 We really are making lemonade out of every lemon that life throws our way. And I think that’s the beauty of this work is that our life is what we make of it. It is how we choose to see things that happen. And it is how we’re choosing to live our life every day with our lifestyle and our habits and how we seek, and how we see our relationships and really allowing everything to work for us.
  • 7:35 Imagine that we’re computers and we have software systems, and we can just delete the programs that are not serving us anymore. And we outgrow programs.
  • 9:00 We live in an energetic universe. If we clear the energy charge, then we have a different experience moving forward.
  • 11:20 If we are choosing the belief system that everything is happening for our greatest becoming, then we can trust that every single thing that happens is for our greatest becoming and find the silver lining.
  • 12:33 I feel that when we want to manifest something, the universe is conspiring to make it happen for us.
  • 13:52 Really [choose] how we’re focusing energy, because what we focus on expands.
  • 15:02 I believe that we are co-creating a new paradigm. So we are in a time period on the earth where a lot of change needs to happen, especially if we want to create. So I believe that we can create a reality where there’s abundance and love and peace and harmony for everyone. In order for that to happen, the systems that are not in alignment with that need to break down…So I look at a lot of these disasters, whether they’re social disasters or even actual natural disasters, as opportunities for rebuilding.
  • 18:51 So energy is contagious. And it changes form and it can transmute other energy, right? So it’s like it pick up the energy of the sun, it can start to heat other things up. So if you could be that kindness, that when you go to the store or you’re in your relationships, and you’d be that love and kindness, that is the opposite of the thing you’re seeing that you want to complain about. It’s like, you be the solution. How can you take whatever’s happening and be the solution and literally take an action that is in alignment with the opposite of the thing that’s bothering you?
  • 19:31 Be mindful of the conversations you have. I like to tell my clients reserve time to talk about what is going wrong, and putting in quotation marks “what’s wrong”, and what’s going wrong or what’s not going right. Reserve that for healing time. Not really just to vent because you’re putting, it’s like you’re spewing that out into the universe and the universe is like, “Oh, they want more of that. Look. They love talking about it. Let’s just give them more of that challenge.” And so really being mindful and finding the things or the conversations to be had that are serving you…So the best thing you could do is take an inspired action, that is some sort of self care or some sort of energy that is the opposite of the thing that you’re wanting to complain about or be in victimhood about.
  • 22:29 I feel for me, it’s so important to keep in my environment, be it people, places, things, where I live, how I live, that everything is in alignment with my truth and what feels really good for me and really putting myself first because I feel like that’s how I can then share my mission with the world in a bigger way and show up for my relationships in a better way.
  • 23:01 I do think it’s so important, like, saying no to the things that are a no. Saying yes to the things that are yes, and heeding that.

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Dr. Nikki Starr

Dr. Nikki Starr is a medical doctor turned Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Healer, and was born into a lineage of Colombian Healers and Shaman. After medical school she had a spiritual awakening traveling the world touching every continent except Antarctica by age 25. She is now based in Malibu where she works with people worldwide via her online coaching and healing programs that empower us to live our ultimate lives. She stands for ultimate health, wealth, embodiment and love for all of humanity.

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