Discovering Your Own Unique Energy with Megan Seamans

In this episode, we talk to Megan Seamans about energy coaching, finding balance in life and human design.

AUG 2nd, 2022

Episode Notes

Memorable Moments:

  • 2:31 I felt like I was doing it all wrong, even though I was following all of the steps that everyone said you should be following. 
  • 3:31 And I just started saying yes to all of these things that before felt so scary or so out of reach, and I built this really beautiful life.
  • 4:24 Because no matter what the chapter is and no matter what you build outside of yourself, there you are. You’re coming along for the journey.
  • 6:39 The more we can discover our own unique energy and the more we can uncover how we actually want to operate, the more we can show up in relationships and in our career and on teams from a space of “I’m me, you’re you, let’s do that together.” And really honor that we all show up differently. And I just think it’s such a gift to learn that, know that and express that to the world.
  • 8:12 That first step for having that reset is getting to know yourself and more importantly, beginning to shed the stories that aren’t you. Because so often with our energy, like we’re trying to run our energy as if we were someone else. 
  • 8:46 Getting to know what actually feels good for you instead of how you think you should be showing up, I think, is the first step for that reset.
  • 13:47 To me, balance is actually about noticing when your scales are tipping too far to one side, when you’re getting really heavy in one area of your life, and then to be able to take yourself back to center. And that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay permanently.
  • 16:03 Human design brings these contrasts together, and shows you how you can use these different traits and energy and ways of showing up with the least amount of resistance.
  • 20:13 At this point in my life, what matters most to me right now is connection.

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Show Contributors

Megan Seamans

Megan Seamans is a double certified Energy Coach and Human Design Guide who helps people tap into their magic and reawaken their own unique energetic blueprint. Centered on ease, she coaches people to shed layers of conditioning so they can crystallize their wild visions into reality. After helping hundreds of humans around the globe, Megan’s been named the Clarity Queen as her coaching provides rapid clarity for people to go from frozen in time to magnetically in motion. Megan’s clients are found ditching their draining 9-5’s for work that lights them up, finally starting the business of their dreams, going back to school, doubling their income, traveling the world, and writing their own version of an extraordinary life.