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woman trying to control anger issues

How To Control Anger

Learning to identify and control anger is a process, but there is help out there. And, anger can be a part of healing and setting boundaries.

sad man sitting by the window

What is Trauma Bonding?

Trauma bonding is an unhealthy attachment that develops in response to abuse. It can leave a person feeling depleted and stuck, but it’s possible to break out of it.

10 Tips for Managing Your Holiday Mental Health

If you find that these challenges are causing significant impairment in your ability to function, you may need to reach out for additional support from a therapist, coach or trusted friend.

couple holding hands, walking in front of a brick wall

Dating Someone with Depression

Supporting a loved one who struggles with depression can be tricky, but there are many effective approaches you can use to help both your partner and yourself.

woman looking out the window alone experiencing seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression (SAD)

Seasonal Depression (SAD) is a type of depression, characterized by the specific time of the year it occurs. SAD is common during the fall and winter months.