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What Is COVID Anxiety Syndrome?

COVID anxiety syndrome can interfere with daily functioning, causing people to disconnect from loved ones and spend significant amounts of time worrying.

What Is a Psych Evaluation?

A psych evaluation is a comprehensive assessment that allows a mental health professional to determine the cause of your symptoms and plan your treatment.

What is a Midlife Crisis?

During a midlife crisis, people may lose their sense of purpose and experience some feelings of sadness. Fortunately, there are ways to cope.

Is Teletherapy Effective?

Teletherapy provides easy access to services, and research has shown that it is beneficial for treating various conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Is Messaging Therapy Right for Me?

From Instagram and blog posts, to self-help books and webinars, there are a LOT of resources out there. So, who is best suited for online messaging therapy?

man sitting alone suffering from anxiety and depression

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Grounding techniques are simple activities that help you cope with painful emotions, distracting thoughts and physical symptoms of stress.

How to Find an Online Therapist

If you’re new to online counseling or considering trying it, it helps to understand how teletherapy and treatment works and what to expect from your experience.