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Vehophobia is an irrational fear of driving that leads to anxiety symptoms, panic or avoidance of driving, making everyday life very difficult.


Being independent is seen as a positive trait, but for some people, hyper-independence can be a defense mechanism and response to past trauma.

Avolition (Lack of Motivation)

We all experience times when we’re not incredibly motivated, but avolition is something more serious and associated with certain mental health disorders.

Antisocial vs. Asocial

The differences between asocial and antisocial behavior are greater than you may think.

Understanding Psychotic Breaks

While many factors and conditions can contribute to a psychotic break, nearly three in 100 people experience an episode at some point during their lifetime.

Future Faking

Future faking is a manipulative technique people use to control another person in a relationship. This form of abuse can have devastating effects on the victim.