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Cognitive Distortions

Most people experience cognitive distortions at some point, but some develop a persistent pattern of distorted thinking, causing significant emotional distress.

Rebuilding Trust in Your Relationship

Rebuilding trust in a relationship requires you and your partner to make an effort to repair the relationship and change behaviors linked to the betrayal.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Nocturnal panic attacks startle you awake, causing terror and taking you away from sleep. While they’re distressing and exhausting, treatment is available.

Retroactive Jealousy

Someone with retroactive jealousy may feel upset and experience troubling thoughts and feelings regarding their partner’s previous romantic relationship(s).

13 Qualities of a Good Friend

Supportive friendships can benefit psychological health, but it’s important to consider the qualities of a good friend because low-quality friendships can be damaging.

Time Blindness

Dealing with time blindness takes some work, but the results can help you better manage conditions like ADHD and improve relationships and work performance.

Lust vs. Love

It’s common to ask when you begin a relationship, am I in love? Or is it purely sexual? Finding out the answer can help you move toward a healthy relationship